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Well, houseless, at least. The Arkansas house closed before 9:00 AM California time, and the proceeds landed in my account early this afternoon.

BYOB and let the party begin! I've got mixers like tonic and club soda, and tea and soft drinks, and plenty of ice, and potstickers for appetizers. Who's got the chips and salsa? And is that artichoke dip I see in someone's hands? Come on in, there's plenty of room and the AC is on too. Spouse will be home shortly to fire up the grill...brats, anyone?
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It's "Get Fit" time at my agency. Every spring, the agency promotes an exercise campaign designed to get us cube farmers out of our chairs and into motion. This year I decided to actually participate. Two colleagues and I try to walk together on each of our breaks. If we can't manage to take our breaks together because one or another is stuck in an interview, we go by ourselves. This past week, I walked Thursday and Friday, 30 minutes each day in 15-minute intervals. Saturday I mowed the front yard. I was a couch potato today, however. I haven't weighed myself in the last few days. I've been afraid to. Although I've been a fairly good girl activity-wise, I've been a very bad girl food-wise. *sigh* Old habits die very hard.

Yesterday I also drove into Roseville. The original plan was to have lunch with a girlfriend, but she called when I was halfway there to beg off with a migraine. Instead, we'll meet tomorrow after my dental appointment. (Stitches come out! Yay!) Even though lunch was out, I continued on my merry way after all, and went to see an old friend at her bookstore, where I promptly dropped waaay too much money.

My family escaped being hit by the massive storms in Arkansas this past week. Although they caught some major rain, the tornados and high winds blew elsewhere. Mom informed me Sis and BIL made an offer on a house in Gadsden, which was accepted. Their escrow should close by the end of the month.

Escrow on my house in Arkansas is supposed to close next Monday. If it does, that means no house payment this month, and we can start banking the former mortgage money right away. Woot! Again, however, chickens are not being counted. It just ain't done until it's done. But I can keep my fingers crossed.
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...I finally got a decent offer on my house in Arkansas, which I promptly accepted. Escrow should close in about two weeks assuming, of course, the house passes the termite inspection. Which it should. We won't make a whole lot of money, but we will come out ahead.

While I'm trying not to count my chickens too early -- as anyone who has ever sold a house knows, it's not final until the day we sign over the deed -- I am relieved. A large chunk of debt will soon disappear from my credit report, and spouse and I will have several hundred bucks per month to put back in our pockets or, more correctly, back in our savings account.
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The living room tables we ordered in EARLY MARCH (!?!) have finally arrived.

They were supposed to be ready at the end of March. And then it would be the middle of April. And then the end of April. And so on...every time we called about them, we got "It will be another two weeks." Two weeks ago, spouse told the store, "If they're not ready this time, we'll cancel the order and want our money back."

Lo and behold. The tables are ready. Nothing like the threat of losing money to light a fire under a warehouse distributor. We're going to Roseville this morning to pick them up. Spouse has to work this afternoon, and I believe I will go shopping for lamps.

By the way, we finally located the USB cable for the camera. Prepare yourself for an upcoming onslaught of visual stimulation!
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I'm gonna have to have a yard sale before we move.

We have surplus furniture we don't want to take with us, excess crap spouse acquired for eBay that isn't worth the trouble of listing, not to mention assorted odds and ends that I have no memory of acquiring in the first place and don't want now.

Somehow I must locate my inner organizer and get this stuff pulled together. We're aiming for the sale to be March 30. We move on April 7th.

Any volunteers to assist with either?

(I can pay any helpers with pizza and firewood. How's that for incentive?)
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Today is cleaning day. Which is as it should be. Saturdays were always clean-the-house days when I was growing up.

Spouse is cleaning the kitchen. I am working on laundry and bathrooms. What a team. *beam*
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I'm going to Hot Springs today to help Daddy work on the house. I enjoy doing handyman type projects as long as I have a partner-in-crime. They're more fun that way. I don't know if I'll be wielding a paintbrush, a hammer or a trowel today, but I'm prepared for anything.

Mom suggested last night that we rent the house from them ourselves once it's finished. Spouse and I had discussed that very thing on numerous occasions. Even though our commute costs would jump, especially with the price of gas these days, we'd save far more in housing costs than we would spend in commute costs. I didn't give her an answer; there's so much other stuff going on right now. We'll see what develops.

*couldn't resist the opportunity for a brief nod to the Bay City Rollers. Not that I was ever a huge fan -- I never got into boy bands even as a teenager. The adolescent celebrity crush was not for me. But the temptation to be silly was too much this morning.

Need coffee.
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Mom called me yesterday. She and Daddy had gone out to the house to check on some things. Daddy went around to the side of the house to turn the master electric switch on (we keep the electricity off most of the time) and discovered....

....the meter assembly had been stolen as well.

Can you believe it? The thieves took the blinking electric meter!!

I called my insurance agent, but I doubt the electric meter is covered under either of the policies.

When I told spouse, his jaw about hit the floor. "I'm amazed" was all he could say. Ditto. I'm knocked-in-the-head stunned. An electric meter. Reddy Kilowatt is no more.
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Only three more weeks until I win the HGTV Dream House Sweepstakes.

*crosses fingers*
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The day dawned bright and clear and cold. Late this morning, I tramped about my sparkly neighborhood with the camera. Come take a walk with me!

Welcome to the Quapaw Quarter! )

So, how was your day?

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