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...I was inspired to find and take the following quiz again.

My Political Views
I am a left social libertarian
Left: 4, Libertarian: 4.01

Political Spectrum Quiz

My Foreign Policy Views
Score: -2.81

Political Spectrum Quiz

My Culture War Stance
Score: -5.36

Political Spectrum Quiz

Not a whole lot of change from the the last time I took it.
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Sis and I went to a dog show today to start out Charm, a 7-month-old bitch who's a flat knockout. Charm took reserve in the Pom class, and her doting auntie nearly bit her tongue in half over the conversation between the two self-proclaimed female "Tea Party-ers" sitting next to us and a male passerby who pronounced them "true American patriots".


Yeah, it was the usual Tea Party nonsense about how the United States is becoming a socialist country, and Obama is crippling the nation with massive deficits, and Sarah Palin is God's gift to the "conservative movement" and yada yada yada....I could hardly contain my laughter. Sis looked at me (she knows me very well) and I said I would behave, but I might have to leave the area for a few minutes.

The real kicker was when they stated in a condescending tone that, although they thought the two party system was broken, they would stick with the Republican Party because third party candidates have virtually no chance of winning elections.

Oh, puh-leeze. Look, Tea Party-ers. If your "movement" is so popular and so widespread, why should you be afraid to form your own political party? Please, do it! Follow the example of Ross Perot*. Take all the wingnuts out of the Republican party. Go make all the noise you want under your own tent. Let the remaining Republicans once more become reasonable and effective and able to work in conjunction with the Democrats, as they did before Reagan turned the GOP into "God's Own Party" and set the stage for the increasingly nasty partisan politics of the last 30 years.

*And siphon away votes that would normally go to Republican candidates, thereby enabling the Democrats to win. Ulterior motive? Moi? (Of course, one could say Nader did the same in 2000 to the Democratic vote, enabling Bush, with the assistance of the US Supreme Court, to steal Florida and win the election. And we all know how well that turned out. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Really.)
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Anger grows in quake-hit Haiti over aid delay

Ummm. Folks? Your country's entire infrastructure collapsed in that quake. And you're on an island. Your neighbor, the Dominican Republic, was Johnny-on-the-spot with assistance and the rest of the world is doing its level best to get relief workers, food, water, and other necessities to you as quickly as we can.


The Port-au-Prince airport runways are too short to handle the biggest cargo planes we have, so we're using the smaller ones. The control tower is non-functional so pilots have to coordinate takeoffs and landings with each other by sight and by radio. It's a miracle no planes have crashed. There isn't enough jet fuel for return flights and space to park the empty planes is filling up. The cranes that usually offload cargo ships were knocked into the harbor, making large shipments by sea impossible. The roads are in sorry shape, so delivery of what aid can get through is hampered.

We understand your situation is desperate, and we're getting stuff to you just as fast as humanly possible. But seriously, how is stacking corpses in the street as roadblocks going to help?

Text of articles for posterity )
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It's not any surprise there's rage from the right over Barack Obama being awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. Considering these are the folks who applauded when the 2016 Olympics went to Rio de Janeiro rather than Chicago, total outrage at international recognition of the current President of the United States can only be expected.

The Nobel Committee states it awarded the prize to President Obama for "...his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." In particular, they mentioned his "...work for a world without nuclear weapons..." and that, due to Obama's influence, the United States has re-engaged with the world on a multi-lateral front and "...is playing a more constructive role in meeting the great climactic challenges the world is confronting." (You can see the video of the announcement here.)

So, in essence, the Nobel Committee gave Obama the prize for his intentions. While I don't necessarily agree good intentions and lofty aspirations are valid basis for such an award, the Nobel Committee did. And if receiving such a prize gives Obama further incentive, encourages his further action, and increases support for his efforts to turn these intentions and aspirations into concrete reality, I'm okay with his selection.

And I'm certain he will give the prize money to charities that support these efforts.
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...or has Dick Cheney uttered more words in public in the last three weeks than in the previous eight years? I never thought I'd say this, but these days it seems the most dangerous place in the world is between him and a microphone/TV camera.

Dick. Darlin'. Shut the hell up. Your time is over. Go away like a good little ex-vice-president.
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My Political Views
I am a left social libertarian
Left: 4.15, Libertarian: 4.2

Political Spectrum Quiz

My Foreign Policy Views
Score: -3.38

Political Spectrum Quiz

My Culture War Stance
Score: -5.49

Political Spectrum Quiz
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The Shrub leaves office. And there was much rejoicing!
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Computer problems at work. Printer function completely failed sometime after lunch. Then my log on function went kablooey. Spent upwards of an hour on the phone late this afternoon with our local IT guy, then more time in conference call with local IT guy and national IT guy. Conference call was cut short by supervisor on orders from manager because....manager wouldn't authorize the overtime for me to stay on the phone with IT guys and hopefully solve the print problem. So, I got nothing done this afternoon and will get nothing done tomorrow.

In the meantime, supervisor gives me Urgent Matters to fix for clients. Today. What part of "can't log on, can't work" don't you get?

Then I come home to the news that enough stupid scared people voted for Proposition 8 to amend the State constitution and rescind the right for same sex couples to marry. Narrow minded bigots, all of them, including many in my office. They think they're saving society from rampant decadence when what they're really doing is restricting the civil rights of a protected class of people. Who's to say the next target won't be another group of "different" people? Like Latinos? Or Asians? Or foreign-born citizens? Or people with a history of mental illness? First they came for the Communists....


Nov. 4th, 2008 09:36 pm
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Obama won. Obama won. Obama won.

If I type it often enough, it will become real and not a fantasy come true.

On a more somber note, how sad that his grandmother passed away the day before her baby boy made history. And how ironic that McCain's concession speech was the best speech the man delivered during his entire campaign.

But Obama won!
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I was 10th or 11th in line this morning at my polling station, and I got there 10 minutes early. I cast my ballot, collected my sticker, and reported to the office by 7:45 a.m. And turned in a leave slip requesting the use of administrative leave for the voting time. We'll see how that goes.

On the way home after my therapy session, I listened to the election results start to come in. Sounds promising so far. Polls just now closed in California; time to tune into MSNBC and wait for national results. I have no intention of staying up late for results on the statewide initiatives. I can wait until morning to find out if California voters decided to eliminate the right for same-sex couples to marry, among a few other silly ideas.
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Spielberg directs a public service announcement. About voting.

*avanta7 peruses her list of email addresses, including the addresses in her "work" folder*
*whistles innocently*
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....simply because I don't particularly want to add any more hits to this piece of filth, but you all need to know the latest Barack Obama-related lie floating around on YouTube these days. A friend (whom I had given credit for more intelligence and now must reevaluate) sent me the link to the following video. Be warned: have your vomit bags nearby, you may need them.

There are no words.
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So the White House wants to bail out Wall Street investment firms to the tune of 700 billion (yes, that's with a "B") dollars. With little or no oversight. Yeah. That'll work.

Spouse and I came up with another idea.

If the U.S. Government has that much money to give away, how about giving it back to us taxpayers? Seriously. Like it did with our "economic incentive" payments earlier this year. Give every individual who filed a tax return last year -- note, that's individuals, not corporations or businesses -- another rebate to the tune of, say, well, how about $2,000,000? Each. Given that the population of the US is somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 million, and not all of those individuals filed tax returns, the total cost would be less than $6 billion, a mere fraction of the $700 billion proposal to prop up Wall Street. We taxpayers could then use our bailout funds to, gee, pay our mortgages, credit cards, and car loans; fund our children's education; buy health and life insurance; and be well set for retirement. The money goes back into the economy, foreclosures and other loan defaults come to a screeching halt, local businesses and real estate markets begin to flourish once more, the investment firms are flush and solvent again...it's a win/win!

And with the leftover $694 billion? Hmm, how about using a goodly portion to fully fund green energy programs including mass transit systems; social service programs; health care programs; environmental preservation and clean-up programs; education programs; and so on and so on. This country's social ills and issues could be, if not resolved, then certainly well alleviated if only the programs that address them were properly funded.

If only. The saddest words in the English language.

ETA: Never mind. As atabei gently pointed out below, my figures are, umm, embarrassingly incorrect. This is what happens when one tries to figure large sums in one's head while taking sedatives. *hangs head in shame*

Oh well.
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It's time once again for another installment of current media brouhahas about which I couldn't give a flying flip. Believe me, the irony of blogging about "news stories" which mean little or nothing to me, and thus providing them even more exposure (limited though it may be), does not escape me.

  • The Olympic Games -- I haven't paid attention to the Olympics since 1980, when the US boycotted the Moscow Games over the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan. Granted, the USSR was in the wrong, but did the US need to punish its own athletes by not allowing them to compete in the Games? The ensuing tit-for-tat Soviet avoidance of the 1984 L.A. Games rang the final death knell for my emotional involvement with the Olympics. I fully realize I'm virtually alone in my lack of passion for this quadrennial event. Still don't care. But it's fine if you do.

  • John Edward's extramarital affair -- Oh, for pity's sake. People cheat on their spouses all the time. It doesn't make it right, but it doesn't make it any of my business either.

  • Pictures of the Jolie-Pitt twins -- Specifically, how much money People Magazine paid for them. At least the money will go to a good cause.

What are your favorite non-issues currently dominating the media?
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Enough, Senator Clinton.

It showed poor taste that you failed to concede Tuesday evening when Senator Obama secured sufficient delegates to win the Democratic nomination. According to my buddy Keith Olbermann, it took two conference calls from multiple concerned individuals before you would consider accepting the inevitable, and even then, you scheduled your "concession speech" for Friday.

Now you've pushed it back to Saturday, and it's not even a concession speech, but a "suspension" of your campaign.

And what's this I hear about your husband and other "close associates" pushing you on Obama as his Vice-Presidential choice? 'Scuse me? As the nominee, Senator Obama gets to make that choice. Not you. Not your advisors. And certainly not your husband.

This horse is dead, doll. It's time to get out of the saddle and go home. Please, for all our sakes, don't damage our chances of putting Obama in the White House because you don't know when to quit.

You and your husband are looking like sore losers, darlin'. Be gracious and bow out. Now. Before you do any further harm.

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Oh. And now they're extending the steroid probe to horse racing. Good to know my taxes pay for investigating the important issues.

Well. Okay. They let warrantless domestic telephone tapping lapse. They are partially redeemed.
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Lather, rinse, repeat.

Three years later, I still don't understand how steroid use in professional baseball merits Congressional involvement, then or now.
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I ran across a Candidate Calculator through a link on someone's LJ to another LJ to another...the glories of surfing the 'net, yes?

Anyway, I took the little quiz and was intrigued by my results, which included at least one candidate I wasn't aware was in the race. Several new bookmarks have been added to my list. I have some additional research to do between now and the California primary in March. Or is it February now? Must check...it's February. Gah. I have to get my voter registration switched to this county right away!
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How appropriate it is that today, the sixth anniversary of the terrorist attacks, General Petraeus presents his report to Congress about the war in Iraq, a war which never would have occurred had not some religious fanatics hijacked four airplanes, and never should have occurred because the late Saddam Hussein and his former government in Iraq had nothing to do with said religious fanatics, Osama bin Laden, or Al Qaeda's plot against the United States.

I think I hear an Alanis Morissette song in the background.

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