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Because today is the day [livejournal.com profile] greedyreader was born. Happy birthday, my dear dear friend! Big hugs, big kisses, and lots and lots of love!
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Good things happened yesterday.

My girlfriend Lara emailed to say spouse losing his job wasn't a good enough excuse for me to miss our annual gathering and she would pay my share of the house rental. The news made me cry, and made me wonder what I ever did to deserve such wonderful friends.

My other girlfriend [livejournal.com profile] explodingalice, whom I must actually meet someday so I can hug her neck, sent a book I had coveted, Finding Serenity. I'm having difficulty not reading it right now! (I have two book group books to finish before reading something 'off list.') Thank you, Alice, from the bottom of my heart.

And the books that I ordered before spouse became unemployed arrived, all seven of them. My last indulgence for the time being. At least I won't be giving the postman any more excuses to hate me.
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Just so you know, I finally activated my profile over there and started adding books and making friend requests. Want to reciprocate? Same user name as always!

My LibraryThing profile. Just so you don't get lost.

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I know I said I'd write about Richard's funeral, but I'm not finding anything really special to say that I haven't already said. He was Catholic, and the service was at his church, but the priest didn't perform a full Mass, at least not like the Mass said at my uncle's funeral in January. Not being Catholic, I don't know what's considered normal for memorial services. At Uncle George's funeral, we prayed the Rosary, but not at Richard's. Anyway, as none of Richard's family was up to the task, the eulogy was given by the priest as well, and he said some lovely things.

The circumstances surrounding Richard's passing are just too awful. It was a stupid accident, and he bled to death in his kitchen, and wasn't found for four days.

The following obituary was published in the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record:

Richard A. Levesque, 63, of Hot Springs, died Sunday, Aug. 24, 2008. Born Feb. 21, 1945, in Staten Island, N.Y., to Odilon Albert and Josephine Dumont Levesque, he was a U.S. Army veteran of Vietnam, serving in Army Intelligence; a fourth degree member of the Knights of Columbus; County 76 Treasurer Master Gardener; and a national member of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Survivors include two sons and daughters-in-law, Jean Paul and KaShonne Levesque, of Marietta, Ga., and Andre-Pierre and Alicia Levesque, of Ewa Beach, Hawaii; one brother, Raymond L. Levesque, of Aurora, Colo.; two sisters, Denise Mercurio, of Pine Bush, N.Y., and Jeanne Cullen, of Daytona Beach, Fla.; seven grandchildren, Adam Levesque, Cullen Levesque, Mia Levesque, Evan Levesque, Darren Levesque, Emma Levesque and Kay Levesque.
Funeral services will be 10 a.m. Friday, Aug. 29, 2008, at St. John’s Catholic Church with Father Erik Pohlmeier officiating. Pallbearers will be Gene Lichliter, Joe Yadron, James Lockwood, Duane Vandenburg, Bill Staton and Roger Giddings. Visitation will be 5-7 p.m. today, Thursday, with Rosary recited at 6 p.m. at Gross Funeral Home chapel.

After the service, two long-time friends and I went out to lunch and had a nice long visit. After dropping off Cynthia back in Little Rock, I drove to Batesville to stay with Mom for a couple of days. As previously mentioned, we sprouted a wild hair and decided to go to Alabama. Next time I sprout a wild hair like that, I'm cutting it off. But I did get to see my sister and BIL and the latest batch of puppies. I fell in love with this little guy:

Meet Chance. Try as I might, I couldn't convince my sister he needed to go home with me. She thinks he's a show dog or something.

Phoebe, the cats, and I are on our own for the next few days. Spouse is attending a corporate convention in Las Vegas. He called a while ago and said the company booked him into a two-bedroom suite at the Mandalay Bay, with the convention going on downstairs in the same hotel. He will be sharing this magnificence with another store manager from somewhere. Spouses were not permitted to tag along. Hmmm. Sounds fishy to me.
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One of my best friends passed away earlier this week. He was 63 years old.

Richard was one of the first people I met when I moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 1992. At that time, I was 9 months sober, and he had just reached one year. Because our sobriety dates were so close together, we went through many of the same emotional changes sobriety brings almost in tandem, him first, then me. He became one of my closest friends and confidantes. I trusted him absolutely. And loved him like the big brother I never had.

Richard could be counted on. If he said he would be somewhere, he was there. If he told you he would do something, he'd do it and in spades. Richard was one of the few people I could call at three o'clock in the morning from anywhere, and ask to come get me, and know that he would. With no questions.

Richard was keenly intelligent with a wickedly dry sense of humor. He loved life and sobriety and all the good things God provided. He adored his sons, doted on his grandchildren, and thought his daughters-in-law hung the moon.

Richard's memorial service is at 10:00 tomorrow morning in Hot Springs. I will be on a plane out of Reno this afternoon.

Godspeed, Richard. You were one of the Lord's special people. And I'll miss you.
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A dear friend lost The Best Dog Ever a few days ago. Phoebe asks all those who are so inclined to please drop by the linked blog and say a few kind words. Thank you.


Dec. 11th, 2006 04:38 pm
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A package landed on my doorstep this afternoon containing a Disappearing Civil Liberties mug! Just like the one I coveted over on [livejournal.com profile] martip's journal! And a calendar counting down the days until the end of the Bush administration. And a tin of National Embarrassmints, complete with a picture of you-know-who. Hee!

Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] madame_urushiol! I wonder if I can get away with hanging the calendar in my cube at work.... ;-)
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Sometime ago, a fellow BookCrosser (I believe it was [livejournal.com profile] n8an) suggested I try Alice Hoffman, saying that she was an author I would enjoy. I finally took him up on that suggestion and grabbed a random title that showed up in spouse's Half.com store. I started it last night and fell in love. The book is The Probable Future. My probable future entails finding everything this woman has ever written.

If that was indeed you, n8an, thank you most sincerely. You have expanded my horizons once again.
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We had a lovely low-key visit, with dinner last night and breakfast this morning largely prepared by spouse. We walked to the park and swang on the swings and watched a couple of chick flicks and chatted about life and stuff. And admired Little A as he explored his new environment. He is the cutest, most precious baby to ever crawl on my carpet. Of course, thus far, he's the only child to do so, but that changes nothing about his sheer adorability. Such a good-natured snugglemuffin! Such rosy cheeks! Such sweet little toes! *gobble*gobble*gobble* I'd have kept him forever if not for my inability to spontaneously lactate. *sigh* Spouse was similarly smitten, as well.

Travel safe, my friend! It was a joy and a privilege to have you and your little one in my home.
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Look what arrived in yesterday's mail!

A gift from [livejournal.com profile] marina_wolf!

Thank you, marina. You are a kind and thoughtful human being, and I appreciate you very much.


Jan. 25th, 2006 06:15 pm
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Arriving in today's mail: a wonderful package from [livejournal.com profile] buffra which included [fanfare, please] an implied porn Christmas card! Thank you, friend. Your generosity is much appreciated.
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Books, and a bath fizzy, and a beautiful scarf, and a fabulous wood bead necklace, and two pair of earrings, and CDs: smooth jazz, alternative Christmas songs and a Broadway musical sampler. Oh, and a sample vial of a Givenchy perfume too! (not pictured). Wow! Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] annulla! What an unexpected and wonderful surprise.
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Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] antof9!


Jun. 16th, 2005 09:55 pm
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I received an e-mail from an old friend in California which informed me my first fiancé, the fellow I was going to marry back when I was 19 (and then changed my mind), died a few months ago. Of cancer. He was 43.

I haven't thought of this man in ages. But he meant a great deal to me once upon a time. Last I heard anything about him was at least 15 years ago -- he was divorcing the woman he had married after he and I split up, and the ex got the kids. I have no idea whether he married again or had more children. I don't know what kind of cancer he had, or even exactly when he died. (My e-mail informant didn't have all the details either.)

I'm considering mailing a short note to his parents, but I can't remember their first names, and truthfully don't even know if they're still living.

This is very strange.
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The pity party is officially over, for today at least. I reserve the right to throw another one at any time.

Seriously, though, it's true about "the least little thing and I'm a basket case" comment. Anxiety lives with me on a constant basis these days. I wish it would just go away. I'm worn out by the continuous emotional upset. My poor husband. Mr. Tolerance.
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Let's see the checklist: Good night's sleep, check. Snuggled with spouse, check. Loved on the kitties and the pooch, check. Glass of OJ, check. Morning coffee, check. Guess I'm ready to write!

If you're reading this and you're not a BookCrosser, you will either be bored silly or you'll want to join us in our madness.... )

All in all, a fabulous if exhausting weekend filled with meeting old friends for the first time. I'm soooo glad I went. And I'm soooo glad to be home.
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[livejournal.com profile] tzurriz is my BX convention roomie. Woo hoo!

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