Jul. 1st, 2012

avanta7: (I Heart Books)
Interesting things happen when you click a link, and it leads to another link, which leads to another....

I ran across a website devoted to Rory Gilmore of The Gilmore Girls, a TV show I've never watched and know nothing about. It seems Miss Rory was a reader of renown, and this website had listed all the reading material she had mentioned or read during the course of the series.

And so, in the best interest of all readers everywhere, I copied the list, alphabetized it, eliminated the duplicates, corrected spellings and authors as necessary, and lastly deleted the travel guides and dictionaries. I hereby present to you:

The Rory Gilmore Reading Meme!

Bold those you have read, italicize those on Mt. TBR, strike through those attempted but never finished.

And please let me know if you see any duplicates, misspellings, or misattributions that I missed.

Cut because the list has 239 books )

Whew! That's a lot of books to be mentioned in one TV series.

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