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So, in this week's episode of The Mentalist, the major action takes place in some tony upscale gated subdivision in Sacramento. When the camera pans for the establishing shot of said tony upscale gated subdivision, spouse and I nearly fell out of our seats with laughter at the sight of a craggy hillside directly behind the McMansions.

In Sacramento.

Which is in the center of a very large valley (the Sacramento Valley, to be precise).

Where there are no hills of that size.
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Thanks to a heads-up from [livejournal.com profile] gorydetails, I was able to catch Hogfather on Ion Sunday night. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, although I had a bit of a time explaining the Discworld concept to spouse. The conversation went something like this:

"The world. On the back of a giant turtle. In space."
"And that's death dressed up like Santa."
"No, honey, that's DEATH dressed up like the Hogfather."
"Oh." Pause. "Is there anything else on?"

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[livejournal.com profile] shendoah pointed me in this direction:

No Dice for Viva Laughlin

Text for posterity )
I should know better. If it's quirky and I like it, it's canceled. Pushing Daisies will probably be next.

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That's how long it's taken me to find my newest favorite television show. Less than 20 minutes into its premiere episode.

Viva Laughlin

Go. Watch it.

It's got Hugh Jackman in it.


Mar. 28th, 2007 05:20 pm
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Whose bright idea was it to schedule Lost and Medium at the same time on Wednesday nights?

Sorry, Alison, the Lostaways win. I'll catch up with you in re-runs.
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Grabbed from [livejournal.com profile] grendel1031.

Change the color and/or bold the shows you’ve watched at least three complete episodes of, and italicize a show if you’re certain you’ve seen every episode of it.

You can add up to three shows to the list, but keep them in alphabetical order.

Sheesh, I've watched a lot of bad television. )
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I watched the premiere of NBC's new show, The Book Of Daniel, and tried to watch the next episode. Sadly, however, the show is terrible.

I think it's a wonderful idea: an attempt to show a different side of Christianity, one that isn't screaming hellfire and damnation, one that tries to practice what it preaches -- love, tolerance, acceptance -- but suffers in its human failings. I desperately wanted to like the show, because I believe that's a side of Christianity too many people don't see: they're too distracted by the Falwells and the Robertsons and the Phelpses of the world.

It had great potential with its diverse characters: the gay son, the mother stricken with Alzheimer's, the lesbian sister-in-law. But...the dialogue is poorly written, the transitions are clunky, the plots points are incredible, and could Jesus be any more clichéd? Even my decades-long crush on Aidan Quinn couldn't keep me interested enough to put up with the insipidity.

NBC would have been better off picking up CBS's marvelous Joan Of Arcadia after its cancellation than developing this badly executed doppelganger.
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Have you ever noticed...
  • ...how much the theme and opening title sequence of Medium resemble those of The X-Files?
  • ...how ridiculous David Caruso looks posing against all those sunsets?
  • ...how the best TV shows are found on niche cable channels?
Yeah. Me too.
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Television Without Pity has become my favorite time-waster in the past few days. The people who recap the episodes are hilarious!

BTW, if anyone out there knows anything at all about Sherman, Texas, please comment. There's a vacancy in that town, and while the Chamber website gives all kinds of wonderful info, you know it's all more than slightly biased toward making Sherman look like Paradise. So, gimme the dirt, if there is any.
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I'm going to murder my husband.

We're watching 24.
One character says to another: "Who are you going to call?"
My husband responds with "Ghostbusters."
Guess who has an earworm now?
Just thought I'd share.
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I couldn't stand it any longer. I peeked at a fansite for The Young And The Restless, and now I know the whole story. I'm so ashamed.
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I got in a conversation today about The Young And The Restless.

True confession time: I started watching this soap with my mother when I was about 11 years old. I watched it faithfully and religiously for over twenty years. Then I went to work for the federal government and no longer had an hour-long lunch in which to go home and see the show. I tried taping it for a while, but the tapes gathered dust, and eventually I lost track and lost interest.

Still, old habits die slow and painful deaths. As I told my co-worker, every now and then, when I'm home during the day, I'll tune in. But it takes me only about ten minutes to realize they're still hashing over the same stuff they hashed out all those years ago: Kay & Jill are still at each other's throats; Jack is out to bed the show's latest hot babe who happens to be the wife/girlfriend of his latest business partner; Paul is about to get his heart broken again; Nikki and Victor will marry and divorce and marry and divorce and marry and...well, you get the picture.

And then my co-worker says, "You know that Kay is Jill's mother."

What? What? WHAT?!? How on earth....??? She's a Foster! Poor Irish Catholic from the wrong side of the tracks, with enough ruthless ambition to seduce Kay's husband and get pregnant, claim a share of the Chancellor fortune for her child, and leave her poor Irish Catholic white trash beginnings behind with nary a regret.

Elizabeth, Kay's former housekeeper, is her mother. Her father (whose name I forget) was a cop. Snapper the doctor is her brother. Greg the lawyer is her brother. Jill is the youngest Foster and the only girl.

But no, said my co-worker. The story now goes like this: Kay got pregnant before she was married and gave the infant girl to someone who gave the baby to the Fosters who adopted her. Then Kay married and had her son Brock.

Wait just a doggone minute. Brock is older than Jill. Brock has always been older than Jill. Brock and Jill even had a fling many many moons ago. This means, chronology notwithstanding, not only did Jill have an affair with her own brother, she had an affair with her brother's father, and Brock is not only her son's uncle but her son's brother.

Do you hear "Dueling Banjos"? This story takes place in Wisconsin, not Deliverance!

I'm embarrassed that I even know all this stuff. And that I still care. Crap, I'm probably going to have to start watching the silly thing again.

My head hurts.
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My head has been invaded by the Cal Worthington jingle!

If you want a car or truck, go see Cal
If you want to save a buck, go see Cal
If you want a car or truck
If you want to save a buck
If you want to change your luck,
Go see Cal!

Gaaaahhhhhh! I haven't heard or seen these commercials since I was a kid. Help me.....

West Wing

Oct. 27th, 2004 10:44 pm
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Spoiler Alert!! )
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"You killed my father. Prepare to die."

I love this movie.

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