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[Error: unknown template qotd]Omigosh, none! I think it's presumptuous and rude. I may call some of them by their screen name now and then, but those are names they've given themselves. A person's name is a big part of his identity, and I wouldn't dare.

Let me tell you how I feel about having a nickname bestowed upon me. I hate it. I prefer to be called by my name, my full name, and not a shortened or diminutive version of my name. It gripes me no end that people automatically assume I prefer "Angie" when I introduce myself as "Angela". Yes, I correct them right away. If I don't, I'll hear Angie out of their mouths for the rest of our acquaintance and that will drive me insane.

Pet names are something else. My husband has several pet names for me, and that's okay. Husbands and wives have such names for each other; it's part of the intimacy of marriage. But when he's not calling me by one of those pet names, he calls me Angela.

And my screen name is okay as an alternative, because that's a name I've given myself.

Because I hate nicknames so much, I never give them to friends, and never use them unless that person herself has said, "Please call me..." Cricket, or Bunny, or whatever.
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Dear Mayor Hembree,

My family and I drove up to Guntersville from Gadsden last night in anticipation of seeing your fireworks display. We assumed from the map available on your website that the fireworks would be in the same area as the rest of the "All American 4th" activities. We sat ourselves in chairs on the spit near the Ferris wheel and waited. Imagine our dismay when we heard the concussions from the fireworks on the complete opposite side of town and glimpsed bits of the display over the tops of the trees. Tears of disappointment were shed.

When we arrived back home, I double checked the website and the map. I could find nothing which gave a location for the fireworks, other than "new City Harbor docks". While driving through town, we saw no signs whatsoever to point us in any direction other than Paddlewheel Drive. I find it nearly incomprehensible that the planners of such an event would not make the actual site of the fireworks display known, especially when taking into consideration that people unfamiliar with your city, such as ourselves, were bound to be attracted to this sort of activity.

Although it's obviously too late this year, I sincerely hope next year the site of ALL activities will be made known. Street addresses would be especially helpful for people who come from out of town and need to map out a route.

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  • Jazz
  • South Park
  • Most rap/hip-hop
  • Why anyone thought remaking The Bionic Woman was a good idea
  • Sashimi
  • City shorts
  • Why people insist on bringing their misbehaving rugrats into a place of business when said business could have been conducted over the telephone


Mar. 20th, 2006 05:57 pm
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My Freecycle offers posted this morning, nearly 48 hours after they were submitted.
(Someone just took the palm tree shower curtain.)
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I'm seriously peeved at the moderator of the local Freecycle group. I submitted no less than five offers yesterday morning for various and sundry household items we've had lying about for ages, and not one of them has been passed through to post on the site as of this moment, more than 24 hours later.

See, the moderator insists on reviewing every single submission for "appropriateness" before passing them along to be posted on the group bulletin board. Now, if she reviewed her inbox a couple of times a day, this wouldn't be a problem. But apparently it's a "whenever I get time, oh maybe tomorrow" thing, which annoys me to no end. It creates unnecessary delay, and often results in a large number of submissions being posted on the site at once, whenever the mod finally gets around to reviewing her e-mail. There have been times when I've gotten a dozen or more e-mails for new posts in an evening, and the time stamp on those posts ranges anywhere from 12 to 48 hours apart.

This sort of moderation isn't necessary. If anything "inappropriate" is submitted, the mod can always delete the post and ban the poster. (I've moderated a Yahoo! group myself and done it. I know it's possible.)

For crying out loud, I just want somebody to take these surplus shower curtains off my hands!

Okay. There. Rant over.


Mar. 16th, 2006 08:09 pm
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Stupid headache.
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The election in Haiti
The Olympics
How many gunshot pellets Cheney peppered that fellow with

Will NPR puh-leeeeze talk about something else tomorrow?
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Yesterday the garbage collectors broke our curbside bin, again. I am now listening to really bad instrumental music while waiting for "the next available customer service representative." Thank goodness for cordless phones!
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Hi. I'm here. I'm reading friends' LJs but not commenting much. Busy busy busy. Overtime overtime overtime. Irritated with choir again. No internet yesterday either. Had an attack of the clumsies today. Must go, CSI is on and spouse is making stuffed jalapeƱos. *yum*
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Gah! The ineptitude of long distance companies!!!!

We switched to Telphonic last July (!) because of their great rates and because they support BookCrossing with a portion of my phone bill (can you say "wings for life"?). I just opened my SBC bill, which contains a billing page for MCI, the service we dropped months ago, with outrageous charges for those phone calls I made to Ft. Worth in January about the convention (over $15 for 8 minutes? I don't think so!). For pity's sake! How many times do we have to tell MCI we don't want you anymore?

So, now I'm on hold listening to crappy instrumental jazz/pop waiting for the MCI customer service rep to come on the line. I've been here for twenty minutes. It's now 10:20. I have to be in the office by noon, and still have to get dressed. I'll give them another ten minutes of my life and then spouse will be called in. He will not be happy.
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Internet Explorer has gotten on my last nerve. I will now take recommendations and links to other browsers. Thank you very much.
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So, anyway, I made it through the day without biting anyone's head off. Not even the parent of that whiny child driving everyone in the office crazy. I even ventured into BX forumland and came away relatively good-natured and unscathed.

Good things: CSI will be on in a few minutes. Tomorrow is payday, and spouse is on his way home. Maybe he'll pick up on the "buy chocolate" vibes I'm sending out.
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Will someone please explain to me why my clueless procrastinating beloved husband folds the laundry ever so neatly and then places said ever-so-neatly-folded laundry back in the laundry basket instead of putting it in the dresser where it belongs?

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