Sep. 1st, 2008 06:47 pm
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Place: Home.

Feeling: Like death.

Fever: 100.5 F

Traffic coming home: Oh. My. Word. A normal drive from my house to Reno takes right around 2 1/2 hours. However, today was the last day of a three-day weekend. I landed shortly after 1:00 PM. By the time I collected my car, paid the parking, and got on the highway, it was nearly two. It is now 6:51 PM and I have been home about 5 minutes. Yep. That's right. Five hours to get home, most of those hours on I-80 between Reno and Auburn. This after getting up at 5:00 AM Central Time (3:00 AM in my current time zone) to leave for the Little Rock airport by 5:30 AM.

Drugs consumed: Not enough. I'm currently sipping on a hot cup of Theraflu and expect to be fully dosed up and asleep within an hour.

Day I go back to work: Tomorrow. Dammit.
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The funeral was lovely, as funerals goes. I write more about it later, when I get home. Right now, I'm sitting in the airport at Little Rock, waiting for my flight. Two prisoners were just marched past me, with their handcuffed wrists hidden under their T-shirts, and two armed security personnel in dark suits flanking them as they strode by in lockstep.

When I got to Mom's Friday night, we had a brainstorm. We decided to extend my trip by a day so she and I could drive to Alabama to visit with my sister and see her new house. So we did. Most of the day Saturday was spent on the road; we went out to dinner with my sis and BIL; we chatted and admired the new puppies after dinner; and Mom and I drove home yesterday. We took back roads and two-lane highways to avoid going through Birmingham, which is apparently an absolute maze. As a result, I saw parts of Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas I didn't even know existed.

I'm exhausted. I also caught a cold. And yesterday my period started. Again.

I upgraded to first class for the flight between Dallas and Reno. So there.
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One of the most interesting things about travel involves watching people.

Every time I get on a plane or sit in an airport, I see people who look familiar to me. Not that I necessarily know them, but they have "one of those faces". It's true that everyone has a twin.

In some cases, the person looks so familiar that I'm sure I know him or her. From somewhere. Like the time I ran into Bruce McGill at a hotel bar in Emeryville. I'm having one of those instances right now.

Directly across from me, at American Airlines Gate G10, Chicago O'Hare, is a man that I swear is Robert Patrick. Looks like him, sounds like him, walks like him....If I had enough nerve, I'd say hello or snap a picture.


Yep, it's him. I just saw the tag on his carry-on.

*big fangirl blush*
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My passport arrived in today's mail. When did I order it? October 5.

Damn. That's fast.

Like [ profile] onyerbike, my passport photo could double as a mugshot. Unlike [ profile] onyerbike, however, I will not be posting the photo for all and sundry to ogle.

So now I'm eating coleslaw and wondering what sort of havoc I can wreak upon the world now that I can leave the United States on a whim.


Because this post is open to anyone who happens to pass by, I hereby publish this disclaimer for the edification of those chance passers-by without a sense of humor: I am not a terrorist. I'm a federal employee. No, they're not the same thing. But to be perfectly clear, I have no intention of deliberately causing harm while traveling. Do you think I'd risk my pension for the cheap thrill of committing treason? Pshaw.
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I get to go to England!

Next summer, my church (St. Mark's UMC) is sending a choral group to the UK on a 12-day Methodist Heritage Study Tour to sing at various locations: Bristol, Bath, Stratford, York, Lincoln, Cambridge, Oxford and London. I'm ordering my passport next week.

Look out, London Renegades, and shine up that tiara!! We arrive in England June 28, 2008, and I'll be in your town July 5-7, 2008. Surely I'll have some free time to schmooze and maybe sing karaoke with you all.

Woot woot woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There just aren't enough exclamation points in the world to convey my excitement. Let the penny-pinching begin!
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A few days ago, [ profile] madame_urushiol posted a list of things our dear Vice-President Cheney required from his hotel, followed shortly thereafter by a similar list of John Kerry's requirements while on the campaign trail. Both Madame-U and [ profile] mojosmom were inspired to post lists of their own in response, thus sparking the idea for....

A New Meme!
You Are A Very Important Person )
What's on your list? Have fun! Be creative! Be unreasonable if it suits you!
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I've been considering my options for transportation to Arkansas at the end of April. Flying is always fastest but not particularly comfortable. Driving is more comfortable but oh so tiring. And then there's the train...

I've never taken a train trip anywhere, so I checked out Amtrak for routes and accommodations. The seats looked comfortable and roomy enough (you should open that link in a new window), the price was reasonable, but the schedule involved me arriving in Malvern at 5:00 AM, departing at 11:00 PM for the return trip, and included a 2-1/2 hour bus trip between Springfield and Galena, Illinois, both coming and going. On an alternate route, I could have a 2-1/2 hour bus trip between Los Angeles and Bakersfield. And no baggage check for a good portion of the trip on any route. That would be an adventure. When I considered that I'd be on the train for nearly three days, I looked at upgrading from a seat to a berth (room) so I could sleep comfortably and have a little privacy, but then my fare went up to nearly $1400.00. Not gonna happen. I still want to take the train some day, but not this time. Some other time, maybe when spouse is with me. Not that I'm afraid of going by myself, but it will be less frustrating if he's there to help with the baggage.

After that little detour, I checked the airline ticketing websites and found a red-eye fare from Sacramento to Little Rock for under $220. It puts me at the Little Rock airport about 8:30 in the morning, and my departure time is in the early evening, making it easy on my mother to pick me up and send me off. Spouse, however, gets the privilege of taking me to and picking me up from Sacramento at midnight. I booked my e-ticket last night. I like buying plane tickets a month ahead of time. Fares are so cheap! If spouse and I plan things right and we can always get rates this low, we may be able to fly back on visits a couple of times a year.

Today I am getting a haircut and going shopping. J.C. Penney and Gottschalks are both having good sales: I need pantyhose and want to look at some new clothes for work. Maybe a nice tailored dress or a suit. Possibly a new pair of shoes. Spouse needs new T-shirts and underwear.

After raining all night, we've got gorgeous blue skies right now. It's supposed to cloud up and rain again later today. I hope it holds off until I get my shopping done.
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Must. Exercise. Self. Discipline. I have packing to finish and a drive to make. I'll see you all in a few days, unless the hotel has a business center equipped with computers and internet access.
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Let's see the checklist: Good night's sleep, check. Snuggled with spouse, check. Loved on the kitties and the pooch, check. Glass of OJ, check. Morning coffee, check. Guess I'm ready to write!

If you're reading this and you're not a BookCrosser, you will either be bored silly or you'll want to join us in our madness.... )

All in all, a fabulous if exhausting weekend filled with meeting old friends for the first time. I'm soooo glad I went. And I'm soooo glad to be home.
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Can't Go Home Again Meme

1. Go To
2. Click on Directions
3. Enter your current address and the address of your childhood home (or at least the town if you don't remember the exact address)
4. Put the time and distance in a post like this.

Total Est. Time: 27 hours, 45 minutes Total Est. Distance: 1791.95 miles

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