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Chloe, on the left, and Phoebe, on the right, take their rest on my blocking squares. Rotten critters.

Cuteness times two

But seriously, how can I get mad at faces like this?
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...to get a non-fuzzy picture of a fuzzy puppy in perpetual motion...

The following is the best that I can do to show you the two Poms in a single shot.

Phoebe and Chloe 2

Phoebe and Chloe 4

Phoebe and Chloe 3

Spouse kept their attention with bits of roast chicken while I did my best to catch them standing still.

Here are a couple more:

Cuteness overload

Quizzical Chloe
Because one can never have too much cuteness.

Phoebe expresses her opinion of Chloe
This is what Phoebe thinks of the new addition.

Long live the Queen
And Jacquenetta is none too thrilled either.

Mote is under the bed as usual.
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Chloe 1
Meet Chloe.

My sister brought her to me early yesterday morning, as a very early birthday present. Spouse was still in bed, so I carried her into the bedroom and put her on his chest. "See what [Sis] brought me? It's an early birthday present." He opened his eyes. "Not another damn dog." I stood there and let the puppy lick his nose. "Not another damn dog," he repeated. She licked his chin. Big sigh. "Okay."

Chloe 2
We went through multiple names before settling on Chloe. First she was Portia, then she was Rhea, then Clio, finally Chloe...of Greek myth origin, rather than Shakespearean like the rest of the critters*, but acceptable nonetheless. (Chloe is another name for Demeter, aka Ceres.)

Chloe is four months old, she weighs about 2.5 lbs, and Sis said she didn't expect her to get any bigger than 4 lbs. As little as Phoebe is, she'll be the big dog on the block at 6 lbs.

Speaking of Phoebe, she is soooo jealous. She has been very clingy since Chloe arrived. We've petted her and loved on her and paid her as much attention as we can, given the constant vigilance a non-housebroken chew-happy puppy demands. The cats watch Chloe with wary attentiveness and unhappy kitty noises, trying to figure out if she's a pet or an overgrown rodent. She returns their attention with a fierce puppy growl and an occasional charge at the nearest feline. She's been swatted at least once for encroaching on Jacquenetta's personal space.

Chloe has a bad patella on her left rear leg, a common genetic defect among Poms due to many years of inbreeding. That leg won't support her weight, so she limps when she walks and doesn't use it when she runs. When she gets big enough, she may be able to jump onto the sofa, but we've been cautioned not to let her jump off and risk breaking that leg.

She's about to blow her puppy coat and become really ugly for several months, but this time next year she should be well on her way to her full adult coat. Eventually she'll be as fluffy and full-coated as Phoebe.

Queen of the Sofaback
*Phoebe is of Greek myth AND Shakespearean origin. In Greek myth, Phoebe is the daughter of Uranus and mother of Asteria. In Shakespeare, her name is alternately spelled "Phebe"; she's a character in "As You Like It."
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The animals have been just too cute lately, and I've been a little snap-happy. Plus Phoebe went to the groomers, so she was especially adorable. Therefore, I am forcing you to bask in the cuteness.

Three Little Monkeys. )

Before the beauty treatment. )

I'm a bowhead. )

There are more on Flickr, should you care to subject yourself to further adorableness. *sigh* I wuvvums my widdle wuv-muffins.
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A dog and her bone
Don't mess with the pooch, especially when she has a new rawhide chewie to defend.
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A dear friend lost The Best Dog Ever a few days ago. Phoebe asks all those who are so inclined to please drop by the linked blog and say a few kind words. Thank you.
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Fire Kitties 2
Some critters have life just a little too easy...
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Meet Boudreaux.

Boudreaux lives with [livejournal.com profile] marina_wolf, who said it was okay for Phoebe to interview him. Phoebe has five questions for Boudreaux.

  1. Wow! Are you as big as your picture makes you look? (I only ask because I'm so little. You look like you might eat me.)
  2. What's your favorite thing about living on a farm?
  3. I understand you have a little thumb-haver now, after years and years of no one but you and the big thumb-havers. How has life changed for you?
  4. I've heard a saying: "Cats rule. Dogs drool." Agree or disagree? Explain your answer.
  5. When meeting another dog for the first time, do you sniff noses or butts? Explain your preference.

ETA: Boudreaux has posted his answers here.
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I've submitted these to my other favorite obsession, but they've never shown up on the voting page., so I'll post them here for your review.

Pics behind cut )

So? Whaddaya think? Tell me, funny? Not funny? Should I resubmit? Change a caption? How shall they be improved?
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I let Jacquenetta out in the back yard this afternoon, where she stalked the grasshoppers and napped in the sun.

Apparently she snacked on some grass, as well. I just discovered kitty-urp, complete with green semi-digested blades of grass, on a shirt laying in the hall awaiting its turn in the washing machine.

My shirt.

My white shirt.

My favorite white shirt.

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Phoebe's knocked up! She's due to whelp at the end of this month, which means she could be home by Thanksgiving. Woot!


Jun. 28th, 2005 04:55 am
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I miss my little fluffball.
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Dang Mote is driving me around the bend with his incessant whining this evening. He has food, he has water, he has a clean litter box. What else does he WANT?!? And Jacquenetta has decided her new favorite place to sleep is on top of the dining table. Or the sofa table. Or the bedside table. Or any table where there may be a lamp or other fragile object she can endanger with her hugeness.


I'm putting on jammies and going to bed. Wolves Of The Calla is calling my name.


May. 7th, 2005 09:08 am
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We discovered fleas on Phoebe this morning.

So now I must wash all the dog bedding and people bedding, sweep and mop and vacuum even more thoroughly than I had planned, dust the rugs with flea powder and put Frontline on all three critters. Not exactly what I had in mind for the day.

Oh, and she's in heat too.

Tell me again why I have pets?
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I had planned to go to my mother's today, but we're having a thunderstorm, and it's supposed to storm all day. I'll stay home and do laundry instead, and visit Mom tomorrow when it's supposed to be sunny. Poor little Phoebe wants to go outside sooooo bad. Sorry, fluffball. You're going to have to poop on your piddle pad. (If experience is any guide, however, as soon as I let her out of her pen, she'll go poop on my living room rug.) The cats are perched on the back of the small sofa here in the office, watching me type. Spouse left for work an hour ago. I must make coffee and have some breakfast. Maybe I'll watch The Godfather again while I fold clothes.

Last night I culled Mt. TBR and added over fifty books to the available list. A good number of these will go to Ft. Worth with me for release. Mt. TBR is now under 160 books for the first time in about two years. I have several promised books I need to package up and mail. They've been sitting here on my desk for weeks, giving me a guilt complex.

I should make a list like [livejournal.com profile] whytraven did before setting out on her [livejournal.com profile] ravensroads trip. Otherwise I'll forget something important like the chargers for the cell phone or the digital camera.
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I talked to a woman at the Arkansas Literacy Council today about a possible tie-in with the 2007 BookCrossing Convention and the 2007 Arkansas Literary Festival. If Little Rock is chosen as the convention site, it's possible that the ticket to the Convention could include admission to Literary Festival activities. Cool. ([livejournal.com profile] madame_urushiol, I've e-mailed you further info on this. Let's discuss soon!)

Laundry breeds. My bedroom floor is proof. Just the other day, I could see the floor. Today it's covered by dirty sheets, shorts, shirts, skirts, sweats and socks. I've yet to figure out how two people who work in offices can produce so many dirty clothes in such a short time.

Heavy interview day today. Paid several people and discovered a new attorney fee regulation and procedure had been implemented at the first of the week. And no one told us. My first clue was the new screens that showed up in the software as I paged through the electronic claim. Oh, wait, we were e-mailed about it last THURSDAY, three days after the official training session was broadcast. I tackled the printouts of the new rules and procedures which, in typical government fashion, were published in half a dozen different places in the online procedure manual. This means I get to read lots of gobbledy-gook to find the meat. Since I'm the person in the office who will use this procedure most often, I will probably have to prepare a desk guide for the other claims reps to use until we can get a videotape of the training from the regional office. I'm not very happy about this. Oh, I don't mind preparing a makeshift training session; I'm not happy that my supervisor is so focused on the new building for our branch office that he dropped the training ball in the first place.

I played hooky from choir tonight. It's cold and rainy. Phoebe sits on my lap, watching me type. The cats snooze on the down comforter. Time to heat leftovers and make a pot of tea.
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I'm starting a new routine. Come home, walk the pooch, get supper started, then sit down and update my journal before reading my f/list. If I read before updating, I'm LiveJournaled out and don't write anything.

Today I bought new cat food. The kitties have been eating Meow Mix forever. Lately, however, Jacquenetta has been urping. A lot. All over the house. Considering she's nearly 11 and Mote is nearly 8, I figure it's time to change their diet. So I'm trying one of those ProPlan cat foods especially for indoor-only cats. It's supposed to reduce stomach upset, control hairballs, and produce a more compact stool. It's mixed in with the last of their Meow Mix. They seem to like it so far. We'll see how they do before going 100% ProPlan.

Spouse's manager spotted the marketing piece spouse made to send to previous Sportage buyers espousing the virtues of the new 2005 models. Spouse's manager thought it was fabulous. ("Dude, this is the shit" is the direct quote. Spouse's manager is, umm, a little young.) Spouse is now in charge of all direct mail marketing for the dealership and will get half of any business drummed up by his efforts. And he doesn't have to sell a dang thing. Oh, he can still go out on the lot and take a walk-in if he chooses, but the bottom line is he'll split sales with every salesman on the lot if the buyer came in as a result of one of his mailers. How great is that?

Phoebe keeps running off with the new catnip-filled velveteen squeaky mice. Note to self: search internet for possible ramifications of Poms eating catnip. Additional note to self: buy the silly dog her own squeaky mouse, preferably rubber.
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[livejournal.com profile] madame_urushiol left a short time ago. We had a nice long visit, ate a fabulous lunch, visited the Stabiano exhibit at the Arkansas Arts Center, and had a driving tour of my neighborhood. She's a good sport: I'm sure she got tired of me saying "I love that house!" while pointing out yet another restored Queen Anne or Craftsman.

Phoebe was a bad girl and barked at her the whole time. The cats hid under the bed. As usual. Although Jacquenetta did allow herself to be petted once.

Thanks for making the trip down here, my friend! It will be my turn to drive next time.

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