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Lather, rinse, repeat.

Three years later, I still don't understand how steroid use in professional baseball merits Congressional involvement, then or now.
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One of the things that is chafing my undies today is the incorrect use of the political term "radical."

Yesterday I heard a radio announcer (on NPR!! They ought to know better!) refer to Supreme Court nominee Alito as "possibly too radical" to be confirmed. A radical is someone on the extreme left. A "reactionary" is someone on the extreme right. Alito's views cannot make him "too radical." However, he can be "too reactionary."


(Yes, there are more important things to worry about, and I'll get over it eventually. Maybe.)
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Today is the last day to renew our car tags without penalty, a major ordeal here in Arkansas, involving three separate pieces of paper from three separate entities.

Is all the paperwork ready? No.

Did I know it wasn't ready? No.

Are we going to have time today to get everything ready and wait in line at the revenue office? No.

Will we be late renewing our tags and have to pay a fine? Oh, yes.

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When is the appointment with our accountant to do our taxes? Today, at 2:00 (just over two hours from the time I make this journal entry).

When were we notified of this appointment? In early February.

When does my husband decide to get his business records together to give to the accountant? Last night, about 11:00 p.m.

Is everything ready for the accountant? No. Which is why I'm home from work extra early to try and make sense of this mess.

Is this grounds for justifiable homicide? Why yes, I believe it is.
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Someone please explain to me why steroid use in professional baseball merits Congressional hearings. Don't they have important work to do, like, gee, passing the budget? Or Social Security reform? (Hmm, that's another rant altogether.)

MCI, beware

Feb. 7th, 2005 10:35 am
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Your time is up. You will now face the wrath of the husband. Dun-dun-DUHNNNNNN!
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Gah! The ineptitude of long distance companies!!!!

We switched to Telphonic last July (!) because of their great rates and because they support BookCrossing with a portion of my phone bill (can you say "wings for life"?). I just opened my SBC bill, which contains a billing page for MCI, the service we dropped months ago, with outrageous charges for those phone calls I made to Ft. Worth in January about the convention (over $15 for 8 minutes? I don't think so!). For pity's sake! How many times do we have to tell MCI we don't want you anymore?

So, now I'm on hold listening to crappy instrumental jazz/pop waiting for the MCI customer service rep to come on the line. I've been here for twenty minutes. It's now 10:20. I have to be in the office by noon, and still have to get dressed. I'll give them another ten minutes of my life and then spouse will be called in. He will not be happy.

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