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Right now, it's cold, wet, and rainy outside. Although it's only 4:00 PM, the light is nearly gone due to cloud cover. I am snugly safe in a warm cozy house with two fluffy well-loved pooches asleep at my feet, two old persnickety cats prowling the premises, and a cup of tea at my elbow.

Life is indeed good these days. Thanks, God.
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  • My husband. As exasperated as I get with him at times -- well, let's face it, he flat pisses off me off at least twice a week (and I'm sure I return the favor) -- he is still the best friend I ever had. It's a deep comfort to know he's always on my side. I love you, honey. Now pick up that mess you left in the living room.

  • My family. Ditto the exasperation part, but since the driving motivation behind the most recent cross-country move (besides that desperate need to leave the Office From Hell) was to be closer to my parents and sibs, I'm quite happy to live across town from my mother and in the same county as my sister. Now if we could only convince my brother (read: his wife) to abandon Arkansas for Alabama...

  • My job. In an economy where jobs disappear faster than the ice cream in my freezer, I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for a well-paying job with a federal agency that may be the ONLY agency in entire US government guaranteed NOT to be axed. This gives spouse and me the kind of economic stability many people only wish they could find -- not only today while I'm working but in the future for our retirement -- and makes us very very lucky indeed.

  • Our furry children. Back to that exasperation bit again, but again they provide us with so much love and amusement and joy that they're worth every bit of the expense and mess and .... dammit, Chloe, you peed in the hallway again!

  • Friends. Yes, that means you out there in cyberspace, as well as the friends I've made in real life and kept over the years. Whether I've met you in person or know you only as pixels on my computer screen is less important than the dimension and perspective each of you adds to my world view. Thank you for listening to me, even when all I did was whine and gripe and moan and complain. Thank you for sharing wisdom and other pieces of yourselves with me. Thank you for rapping my knuckles when necessary. Just, thank you. You have helped make me the person I am today. I appreciate you.

  • Technology. I'm typing this on a computer smaller than one of the textbooks I had in school. It's connected to a wonderful thing called the Internet which gives me access to each of YOU as well as virtually unlimited information. I carry a telephone in my pocket that allows me to call anyone in the entire world by touching a screen. Said telephone is also connected to that wonderful thing called the Internet. I have nothing further to say.

  • Vacation. I am free from the office for the next twelve days. And I get paid for it. Another perquisite of that job mentioned above.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, those of you who celebrate. May your turkey and dressing be moist and tender, your pie crusts flaky, your family cordial, and may we all fall asleep on the couch before the halftime show.
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The [livejournal.com profile] christianleft community and posts like this one.

I only wish I could be so eloquent.
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As I walked up the steps this afternoon, I saw a package sitting by the front door. "Hmm," thought I, "those books I ordered from QPB the other day sure got here fast!" I picked up the box on my way in the house and opened it.

Lo and behold, it was a St. Valentine's gift from [livejournal.com profile] madame_urushiol!

Just look at all that lovely lovely stuff inside: a cute little sweetheart birdie, a fluffy little bear ornament, a brass heart-shaped cookie cutter with recipe attached, an enormous all day lollipop (cherry-flavored!), sparkly stickers, candy hearts, and ummm, no, there's no chocolate in here. None at all. Especially not a yummy caramel heart. Nuh-uh. Nope. No chocolate.

Thank you, my friend! What an unexpected and delightful way to end the day!
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I cried as the pastor put ashes on my forehead. Again. Sheesh, Communion Sundays and Ash Wednesday and Christmas and Easter and when singing certain hymns. They're getting used to seeing me bawl by now.

I shouldn't be so flippant about it.

My gratitude is so deep that it expresses itself through tears. I consider my life a gift from God, even on the bad days. Sobriety will do that for you.

New browser

Feb. 5th, 2005 06:45 am
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Due to a unanimous response, my computer nows see the internet through Firefox. Thank you for your help. I hope this will be a much better experience.
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Tomorrow morning, bright and early, my mother and I will be participating in the Race For The Cure. Mom will be here at 5:30 am, we're meeting some friends for breakfast, and then we're heading for the starting line. We're not planning on running ourselves, but we'll walk the Family Fun 2K over the river and back. Should be fun! And it's for a great cause.

So, Nancy Williams, my long-time friend, this race is for YOU! Thanks be to God you survived. So many other women aren't as lucky.
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Talk about a way to develop gratitude!

I'm finally home. Exhausted, grimy, headachy, but extraordinarily grateful for the blessings God's given me.

After my last post, I got a run of business. More of the same stuff. Some people just needed information. The one of the event coordinators came by as the VA guys and I were packing up, and wanted to know how many people we had served. I had only partially kept track and guesstimated I had talked to about 30 people. He said around 600 had signed in and gotten their wristbands. (They weren't supposed to receive services if they didn't have a wristband. I served them anyway, and so did a lot of other people.)

It rained off and on throughout the day. Every now and then our canopy would reach critical mass and dump a load of water off the edges.

I spotted at least one of the local working girls in the crowd. She wasn't working, she was there getting services. I hope a few of her sisters took advantage of this event as well.

47 books were taken out of the 66 I brought.

Spouse just brought me a root beer float. I'm going to take a couple of aspirin and have a hot bath. Early bedtime for me this evening. I sing at church tomorrow morning and have that audition tomorrow afternoon.

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