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So, I'm reading. On the couch, in adequate, if not perfect, light. And I can't quite get the words to come into focus.

Move the book away...nope, not right.
Move the book closer...nope, still not right.

Then I try an experiment.

Close my left eye. Right eye focuses on page and move the book closer, and then away, away, away....there! Perfect.
Close my right eye. Left eye focuses on page and move the book away, then closer, closer, closer....there! Perfect.

My right eye needs the book held about 2 1/2 feet away, and my left eye needs it about a foot and a half away.

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I decided to see my doctor this afternoon. The longer I sat, the stiffer I got and the more I limped and hobbled, so I left work and hied myself off to the clinic for a once over.

After a little discussion and a few questions, pokes and prods, she leaves the room. Her nurse comes back a few minutes later with medication samples and some instructions. "Doctor says it's either a strain or bursitis. Here, take these, do these exercises, and if it's not better by next Monday come see us again. We'll start you on physical therapy."

The medication is Celebrex. I am officially old now.

I'm in tears over this. How am I supposed to chase after that hypothetical child if I have bursitis?


May. 2nd, 2005 06:58 am
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I didn't get a thing done yesterday. No laundry, no cleaning, nothing. In fact, I didn't even get dressed. My hip hurt, making it hard to walk. Spouse cleaned the kitchen. Bless him. Today it's not quite as stiff. I wonder if the ache is from the climbing, reaching, stretching and crouching I did while painting on Saturday.

I miss my young self. I miss the ease of movement, the flexibility and limberness, the stamina, the simple ability to function normally the day after some sort of strenuous effort. Not too long ago, while playing with my nephews, I turned a cartwheel and heard my joints say "pop, pop, pop!" My nephews exclaimed, "Aunt Angela, what was that noise?"

Not much, sweeties, just your auntie getting old.
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Heard on a "classic rock" station in the car this evening while driving home: U2, followed by a commercial for arthritis medication.

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I feel old today.

My back aches, my knee aches, my hips are stiff. I hobbled about this morning as if I were 90 and seriously thought about calling in sick. I'm not quite so stiff any more, but the back and knee ache are still there.

Whatever happened to that young supple agile spring-in-her-step girl? She's still here inside, but her body has gotten 20 years older.

Sigh. Mortality bites.
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One step forward. Two steps back. That's how it feels.

During the day, while I'm relatively active and taking the meds when I'm supposed to, my neck, while still hurting, at least lets me function in a reasonable manner. I can turn my head enough to drive, to type, to file, to do most of the stuff I usually do at work.

When I go to bed, however, about three or four hours after I go to sleep, the muscles spasm all over again, and it's incredibly painful to move. I got up last night and took meds at 1:00am. Spouse built me a back rest out of the multitude of pillows so I didn't have to lay down again -- it hurts too much to rise from a prone position. But I didn't sleep well in a sitting position.

I can barely wash my hair, much less dry it. I about fell over putting my underwear on this morning. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts.

And it's another hour before I can take more drugs.

Doc said if it's not better in a few days, go see him again. I'm giving it until Monday.

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