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I'm a native Californian who has deliberately chosen to live in the Deep South. Married, no children; however, we have two cats, two Pomeranians, and several nieces and nephews.

Other pertinent stuff: Sober since age 29 (sobriety date July 26, 1991 -- you do the math [grin]); Methodist; soprano; liberal; actress (regional theatre); ex-smoker; wannabe gardener; introvert; yarn hoarder; knit and crochet fiend; This Old House fan and History Channel junkie. And let's not discuss that serious addiction to Stanley Kubrick films, Doctor Who or Stargate SG-1.

A near-fanatical devotion to BookCrossing led me to LJ, where many fellow BXers have blogs too. Online blogging makes keeping a journal so much easier than using pen and ink. For some reason, I feel less self-conscious and practice less self-censorship writing notes to friends than I do scribbling away in a notebook that gets locked in a drawer.

One more thing: Many, if not most, of my journal entries are "friends only" which is why you might see just the silly memes and quizzes. And I often use friend filters when posting, too. Still, feel free to add me, and I may add you back with the understanding that un-adds may be done at any time by either party, with no hard feelings.

Thanks for paying me a visit!

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